Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Most Important Poem Of The 21st Century

If you loose faith in this generation, this 14-year-old boy's poem may restore some of your faith in humanity! Derek Nichols decided to post the following poem, written by his younger brother, Jordan, which has gone viral on Twitter and the Internet in general.
Check it out:

Our generation will be known for nothing.

Never will anybody say,

We were the peak of mankind
That is wrong, the truth is

Our generation was a failure.

Thinking that

We actually succeeded

Is a waste. And we know

Living only for money and power

Is the way to go.

Being loving, respectful, and kind

Is a dumb thing to do.

Forgetting about that time,

Will not be easy, but we will try.

Changing our world for the better

Is something we never did.

Giving up

Was how we handled our problems.

Working hard

Was a joke.

We knew that

People thought we couldn’t come back

That might be true,

Unless we turn things around.
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Look at the nation,
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