Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well Well well...

This has been a very busy yet productive month for me The Post Office is going threw some transitions nation wide. Therefore they wont be hiring no more regulars for a while, which opens the door to knew options for the few postal employees at the bottom of the barrel like myself they are offering 60 postal employees driver training of course it benefits the post office at the end they are covering themselves for the holiday rush coming up, it's all good it makes my resume look even better *smirks* Today was my last day of training on the 2 ton truck it was fun I passed everything and I even got to drive on the actual street with actual traffic (I was so nervous, felt like I was about to shit bricks) but all went well and the DSI said "your qualified young lady" Yea!

On the other hand am still dealing with mom and she is getting unbearable by the hours, lol shes beginning to have a attitude and not want to do ANYTHING, the nurses are coming hear giving her all kind of medications and things to make her feel comfortable and she just refuses to use em, she complains about her appetite, her sleepless night her swollen feet. The nurse came here and ordered some sleeping pills, moms not taking the pills the nurse ordered a liquid medicine for her appetite, mom said it makes her throat dry, The nurse order a different type of medicine in a pill form this time, mom dont take the pill  \_( ' - ' )_/ I just dont get it. When I talk to her she snaps at me it makes me not want to say anything or be there sometimes because her attitude is so nasty. I understand that the Cancer is making her weak but she is just drowning herself  in her sorrows which is what we (the family) dont want to see her do, Me beginning the only child, am the one that goes by her everyday after her aide leaves and she dont seem to understand that not every single day i have the strength to come by and do the things that she can do if she just takes the time to do it, I know what she needs and I know what she can do on her own, she is fully functional she can move around as she please she is on oxygen but she has no limitations she just dont want to do anything. It's not easy begin the only child.Photobucket

 In the long run that is my mother and I will do what ever it takes to keep her comfortable but sometimes I just wish she would see what am trying to say and stop beginning so stubborn.

In other News little man had orientation and registration today and tomorrow evening is the mandatory orientation for freshmens he is so excited and I am to. School starts September 9th.

Look at the nation,

Look at the nation,
that's a crooked smile braces couldn't even straighten!