Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Alter Ego's Insight 2014

Live fast die young, so I drive slow and i pray I die old. Getting to the promise land. You don't want problems I promise Fasho,Whoa, lol.

Compared to that person I ain't even got a bib, truth be told I ain't even bought a crib yet. This is everything "they" (who is they u might ask) told us not to do. Image is everything I O_o it got a lot to do with the way that people perceive, and what they believe. Our Money short so this jewelry (clothing,etc...) is like a weave. The real strange thing about  the "iced out Rolly's" It's the same shit a broke black person get gassed at! The same shit a rich white mo'fucka laugh at! Well laugh on white man, I ain't paid as you, But I bet your rims ain't the same age as you. And I ain't got no investment portfolio But hey you know the sayin', "Fake it 'til you make it" Me, I did the opposite, made it then I faked it, copped some shit , I gave it up...Try to ride the storm out and crash the boat Could have drowned but I grabbed the rope Ain't it more to you? Don't it ever get boring to you? I realize deep down you a coward getting high off of power Fuck it, more to you. You ain't crazy motherfucker you just afraid of change...To be continued...


Look at the nation,

Look at the nation,
that's a crooked smile braces couldn't even straighten!