Saturday, January 23, 2010

We have to Read the fine Print..

Today was another nice day I so enjoy my weekends. My mom is doing well, I look at here these days and just smile am smiling at how joyful she can be in such a server time in her life. I compare now to 5 months ago, when she was crying every minute.  I use to say "Ma" and she would start crying. She was an emotional wreck back then. I would be to if all these complications came down on me at once. She has come a long way emotionally and mentally. I have been thinking about my mom a lot as of lately. When people I have not seen in a while ask me how she is doing and I tell them, They cant believe it. To be honest I cant either. I have been listening to people tell me about there friends and/or family, who by the time they got the help they needed for Cancer it was only a month or so before they past...I listen because I do want to know what signs to look for and what may and can happen but in reality I be like dayum deep down inside, I want to close my eyes and ears and run away. My mom is a solider tho and I am very proud of her. When I see her wobbling around her apt with her oxygen I feel sad but I smile because she is moving around more &  I can tell she is feeling a little more comfortable with her condition. Every time she goes to the doctor for her check-up or her Chemo treatments her nurses aide always tell me how she makes all the nurses and doctors laugh she has a great spirit. This I know.

She just called me up like 5 times I was at her house all day she called me because she realized that she had 20 dollars missing from her Checking account. These days she has a lot of time on her hands, and she notices EVERY little thing:) So she starts with the high pitch tone and the complain in my ear. I tell her "ma calm down and call the bank there closed right now, but the automation will give you the last transactions" 10 minutes later, she calls back " I call the bank they said...blah blah blah....I said, "ma when the bank opens on Monday, call them up ask for the claims department and tell them that you were charged for something that you did not purchase on the 20th.." she say "OK" Just when I though it was over my phone rings again 10 minutes later LOL she calls back, "I was looking at last months statement they took out 14.99 last month to. "  I said, "ma you have to call the bank on Monday and explain this to them there is nothing I can do"... She said, "OK" BYe.
Sometimes I think she just likes to her herself yell because she was not talking low she was screaming in my ears...Jeez I think she is feeling better now. I did tell her the last time we spoke that  I think she may have purchase something a few months back and the may have locked her in if she didn't canceled after a certain time...and now they are taking a fee out of her account every month..She keeps saying I didn't buy anything I said Okay Ma...LOL

Jay-Z: Illuminati Loving Satanist Freemason?

The whole Jay-Z is a Lucifer-loving Freemason and an agent of the Illuminati meme continues to proliferate and now there’s even a diss track…by a pissed off Christian rapper! Listen as dude calls out Hov for his alleged satanic swagger and fondness

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti needs our help

From Wyclef Jean: Haiti needs our help. If you're in the US and want to help with relief efforts, you can text 'Yele' to 501501 to donate $5. IF your elsewhere in the world, you can still help by donating at Please send your positive energy and thoughts to those affected by the quake.

My son school is collecting worn/gently used clothing , socks, and shoes to send over there every little bit counts.

Look at the nation,

Look at the nation,
that's a crooked smile braces couldn't even straighten!